How we think and work at Walleedesign.

First of all it started with our own passions and needs; the personal and intimate aspects. With our own need to save moments, opinions and ideas from disappearing. With the need to express our beliefs. With the idea that we can create and furnish our own surroundings by making and acquiring things based on our ideas of decoration and construction. We believe that we all like to conservate and communicate the things that we love and admire. We share them for instance  in the form of photographs and texts: as art objects.  All Art tries to save in a physical way the meaningful representants, the remains, of thoughts and experiences. We can share these packages loaded with all kinds of content and comment but they will never be the real thing,  Luckily we, human beings, found solutions about which we argue a lot. We all learn ways and skills to replace the real or wished to be facts  with imitations.  Artificial objects which include written down stories, music scores and animation films.  These artifacts  project and conserve our relationships and interactions with what we call our life; our history, our culture. But don’t underestimate their force: their impact. Again and again they will repeat the meaning you projected in them. They will be a source for criticism and because of that results in the phenomenon we love best: the dialogue . We make dialogues based on choices you as client make. First of all to confront and question them but because we do that we can make a better translation of your thoughts,ideas and feelings into a bespoke and personal product. We sketch and we react and in the meanwhile we conduct and create the final leitmotif together . After the research and the confrontations we will start to finalize the design and in the end we will look fore the best manufactures. We know several good companies, like The wool Studio and De Resolutie, but we are free to shop around the globe.