We start each project with several meetings. We have to share opinions about the targets and how we go about finding the fragments needed for the compositions: the patterns. In the art-and design courses I give I’m particular interested in how people go about finding meaningful sources they really can connect with. Finding the right imagery that reflects the personal drive and input the most. We shall start up a dialogue with you about your choices and add our thoughts and examples. These moodboards make a better understanding and comparison possible and will show the both of us which way we have to elaborate and which ideas we have to visualize in sketches or collages ( digital or handmade ).

When you give us the commission to go ahead with the project we will show you the progress made on the design(s). There will be at least one meeting in which you can use our computers to adjust or search for the right colour combinations. We also need to find the right proportions for the ornaments or details in the compositions. The adjusted designs will be pasted in the areas that need transformation. We will process all the results and will present the final results.

Finally we will choose manufacturers and start negotiating with them about everything that need an answer.

You may not choose this approach but still want to use our skills, advice or designs than contact us. We are looking for partners. Designs can be bought in license.Ask for the conditions.