Welcome dear art and design followers,

Walleedesign is a small design office founded in 2012. It is based in Leiden, The Netherlands. We make customized floor-and walldesigns based on the idea that together with our clients we can make unique and personal designs. We give you a mayor role in the process. We will find inspiration from your stories, wishes and collections of things. They offer us both material and directions  to start working from. Our collection with suggestions you see on this website show that we can serve the Romantics, the Realists, the Symbolists, the Structuralists and so on. We tried to be divers in how pattterns can be build and in the sources of the fragments the patterns are build of. The result is a broad and divers collection from a minimalist way of designing to baroque arrangements and concepts. We want you to become aware of the potential your choices can have in the process and in the final result. We are very dedicated to our job but first we have to find out what triggers you. We have to play with several thoughts and moods and allow time for ideas to incubate. It takes courage to listen to and study your own ideas and wishes; to choose from highlights from what’s going on inside and around you. In a certain way we translate and promote desired moods for people and spaces. We advertise a more individual approach to organize home and office. We compose each design so it fits a certain area. By mixing and adding other components like art, text,  furniture and light the space becomes an environment; a platform of communication.

Rob Walters ( Heerlen, 1962 )  is a master of art. He received several grants from the Dutch Government for his artwork. He has travelled extensively and lived in New York and Napels for a longer period of time. The last years he taught art- and cultural history at a college in the Netherlands. He works together with his wife Sandra van der Lee ( Haarlem, 1970 ). She is a consultant and a teacher in the french language and literature with a great eye for quality.